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Making a PPI Claim

PPI ClaimsYou can make a PPI claim today. We offer our service on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis so you are not left out of pocket if you are not successful in your bid to be compensated for miss-sold PPI. Join the successful customers that fought their bank and won. If your bank has treated you unfairly then make a PPI claim with us and join the thousands of people who have taken on the banks and won.

In recent years it has come to light that many banks and lenders have sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) to their customers under false pretences. This aggressive and misleading selling led to many people discovering that they had just cause to make a PPI claim.

Banks have put millions aside for such PPI claims yet many people are still unaware that they are able to seek compensation and that the process is easier than they may think.

Thinking of Starting Your PPI Claim? - Fill out our claim form or call our us on 01254 822880

Who Was Misled Into Buying PPI?

Sadly there are millions of customers that paid their PPI payments without fail only to discover that it was of no use to them. As the money that could be made through the insurance was so beneficial the banks often failed to provide accurate information about it to many of their customers. Therefore millions of people were left out of pocket for no reason other than to make the bankers richer. There are many different types of circumstances that have led to this common problem and it is still unclear if they have all been discovered. However, here are a few of the most frequent PPI claims complaints that have been made and held up against the financial lenders and banks:

PPI ClaimsCustomers found that they were pressured into taking PPI. Some of the sellers made them feel that if they did not take out PPI they would not be granted the loan, mortgage or credit card.

PPI ClaimsIn the paperwork or at the interview it was not made clear that the PPI was an optional add on. Many individuals felt it was part and parcel of the condition of the loan.

PPI ClaimsPPI was not suitable for everyone. The self-employed, retired or students were not covered and yet the lenders did not take these personal circumstances into account. This has led to people trying to make a claim only to discover that they were not eligible despite keeping up with the payments.

PPI ClaimsInterest was added to the cost of the PPI but not everyone was told about this.

PPI ClaimsAnyone with pre-existing medical conditions would discover that they too were not covered by the PPI insurance and the sellers did not make this clear when taking out the loan, mortgage or credit card. Lack of information is one of the major issues that the banks have now admitted. Although all of these mistakes have been made and the banks have admitted them, the lenders have not decided to return everyone’s money. In order to be compensated for the expense and the dishonesty of the lender it is down to each individual to make their own PPI claims.

Thinking of Starting Your PPI Claim? - Fill out our claim form or call our us on 01254 822880

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So if you have been sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) on your mortgage, home improvement loan, car loan, personal loan, credit card or store card then you could make a PPI claim with us. To claim your money back plus interest, simply enter your details (top right) - we work on a ‘No win No fee‘ basis you won’t have to pay us a penny if your claim is unsuccessful. You can start a PPI claim now by filling in our online form at the top right of this page.


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